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Award Construction Contract for the WRP7 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Upgrade Project, Specification No. 2019-2 to CSI Electrical Contractors, Inc., as the lowest responsive bidder, in the amount of $2,737,800 and approve additional expenditures, for a total request of $3,626,205, presentation by Armando Rodriguez, Engineer Manager.
PDF Document  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
PDF Document  Contract.pdf
PDF Document  Inspection Task Order.pdf
PDF Document  Map.pdf
PDF Document  Register of Bids Spec 2019-2 - signed.pdf
PDF Document  Soils Testing Task Order.pdf
PDF Document  Task Order 27.pdf
PDF Document  Task Order 28.pdf
PDF Document  WRP7 PLC Upgrade NOE ltr to Riverside CC.pdf