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Award a Construction Contract with Van Dyke, as the lowest responsible bidder, in the amount of $744,245 for construction of the Sewer Pipeline Rehabilitation Fairway Drive Project, Specification No. 2020-65 and approve additional expenditures for a total request of $907,097, presentation by Armando Rodriguez, Engineer Manager
PDF Document  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
PDF Document  Sewer Pipe Rehab Fairway Drive Project BAI Map.pdf
PDF Document  21-0878-P_RMA - SoCal Inspection and Testing Letter Proposal - 0Q01R000004aWwQ-signed.pdf
PDF Document  Task Order 2 for RMA for Fairway Drive.pdf
PDF Document  Amendment No.2 for PSA Task Order No. 7.pdf
PDF Document  Proposal Engineering Support - Fairway Drive - Webb.pdf
PDF Document  Register of Bids.pdf
PDF Document  Draft NOE - Fairway Drive Pipeline Rehabilitation_7.1.2021.docx
PDF Document  BAR 21-22-001 - Engineering SA1603.xlsx
PDF Document  Construction Contract.pdf