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Conduct a Public Hearing to consider amendments to Ordinance 1403.2, An Ordinance of the Coachella Valley Water District Establishing a Schedule of Special Charges for Miscellaneous Services, presentation by Geoffrey Kiehl, Director of Finance
PDF Document  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
PDF Document  Ordinance 1403.3 - Miscellaneous Services - FINAL.docx
PDF Document  CVWD Study Report on Special Charges for Misc Services
PDF Document  Schedule of Special Charges for Misc Services - FINAL.pdf
PDF Document  Public Notice Special Charges for Miscellaneous Services.docx
PDF Document  Desert Valley Builders Association Letter of Support
PDF Document  CVWD - FY19 FINAL Cost Allocation Plan (CAP).pdf
PDF Document  2021-0727 Miscellaneous Fee Study Power Point Presentation.pdf