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  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Non-Rate Revenue by Fund.pdf
  Non-potable Rate Resolution 2017-23.pdf
  09-10-19 draft minutes
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Final 2019 August GM Report of Activities.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  GM Report of Authorizations 8-19.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  8-19 Secretarys Report.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Res. 2017-23 - Establishing Rates for Nonpotable Water Use.pdf
  CVWD - 2nd Amend - NPW Agreement, IRCC 7.19.19exe.pdf
  NPW Agreement w IRCC signed by both.pdf
  First Amendment to NPW Agreement 090215 signed by both.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Vertical Turbine Pump and Motor - DRAFT Contract.pdf
  Vertical Turbine Pump and Motor - Cost Proposal.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  CVWD -Final Renewal 092419.pptx
  BAI 9.24.19 Attachment-Health Insuarance Premium Renewals CY 2020.docx
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Coachella Campus Fire Line and Irrigation System Project_2019-07-30.pdf
  Michael Baker Task Order 9.docx
  Coachella Campus Map.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  BAI Map - Youngs Farmland NPW Connection.pdf
  Budget amendment Youngs Farmland NPW Connection.xlsx
  K S Task Order 36.docx
  KS Final Pro Youngs Farmland NPW-2019-07-30.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  WEBB - Tri-Palms Country ClubWater Main Replacement Phase 1.pdf
  BAI Map Tri-Palms.pdf
  Task Order 11.docx
  WC Task Order.docx
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Map Adams Street Water Main Replacement_BAI.pdf
  Adams Street Water Transmission Main Replacement Proposal_REV.pdf
  Michael Baker Task Order 8.docx
  Adams Street Water Transmission Main Budget Amendment 9-9-19.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  KS Task Order.docx
  Final Booster 05611 BAI Map_4.pdf
  K&S Pro-Booster Station 05611 Upgrades-2019-09-04.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  SWP Water Contractors - FY 2020.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  BAI Map.pdf
  CVWD_Irrigation Lateral Division Box Replacement_123.45-1.3-2.8119.64-2.6_revised 9.6.pdf
  Michael Baker Task Order 7.docx
  Budget Amendment 2019.09.24.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  2019 PHG Report.pdf
  Board PPT Presentation for 2019 PHG-3x4 format.pptx
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Nonpotable Water Use - Resolution 2017-23 with tracked changes.docx
  Copy of Copy of Rates Class 2 vs Type C July 8 2019 - Olivia.xlsx
  Golf Courses in Mid Valley MAY 1 2018.pdf
  Proposed Resolution - Nonpotable Water Use
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Final_IS-MND_St Anthony_06Sept19.pdf
  Draft_IS-MND_St Anthony_Appendices_.pdf
  map Saint Anthony.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Final_IS-MND_Valley View_06Sept19 Appendices.pdf
  Final_IS-MND_Valley View_06Sept19.pdf
  map Valley View.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Task Order 12 - Webb.docx
  2019-09-06 N Indio - ROW Additional Work - Final_r2.pdf
  North Indio Map.pdf
  County stamped NOD.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Register of Bids Jefferson Street Sewer Bypass Project.pdf
  Project Map Jefferson Street Sewer Bypass Project ar.pdf
  Van Bid Withdrawl Error 09 05 19.pdf
  Consultant Proposal and PSA Jefferson Street Sewer Bypass Project.pdf
  Budget Amendment Jefferson Street Sewer Bypass Project ar.pdf
  Enviromental Jefferson Street Sewer Bypass Project.pdf
  CTE South Task Order Template.dotx
  MWH Task Order Template.dotx.docx
  Wallace Task Order Template.dotx.docx
  Clerical Error Letter 9.4.19.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Amendment to the Second Restated Declaration of CCRs.pdf
  Appraisal summary.pdf
  BAI map-Desert Princess.pdf
  signed lease with exhibits.pdf