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  06-09-20 Draft Minutes.docx
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Final 2020 May GM Report of Activities.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  May 2020 GM Report of Authorizations.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  May 2020 Secretarys Report.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Lakes Country Club NPW Agreement signed by Lakes 060820.pdf
  Signed NPW Agrmt for Lakes.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Map - Heritage Palms.pdf
  Heritage Palms NPW Agreement signed by Heritage June 2020.pdf
  Heritage Palms Well metering agrmt.pdf
  Heritage Palms agreemnt 1996-US Homes.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Motorcoach BAI map.pdf
  Motorcoach First Amendment signed by Motorcoach.pdf
  Motorcoach NPW Agrmnt signed by both MCC and CVWD.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  2020-06-04_First Amendment NPW AGMT signed by IWGR.pdf
  IWGR NPW Agreement signed by both.pdf
  Indian Wells Golf Resort BAI map.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Map-NPW Bermuda Dunes CC.pdf
  BDCC Customer Signed Installation Agreement with Exhibits A and B.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Nelsen Janitorial - Proposal.pdf
  Nelsen Janitorial - Change Order No. 2.docx
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  CVWD - CGR Proposal for SMP Program Support FY 2021.docx
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Exhibit 1 - 2020-16 PSA with Woodard & Curran.pdf
  Exhibit 2 - RFP 2020-16 On-Call IRWM Consulting Services for Coachella Valley.pdf
  Exhibit 3 - RFP 2020-16 Register of Proposals.pdf
  Exhibit 4 - RFP 2020-16 Scoring Matrix.pdf
  Exhibit 5 - Task Order No 1 - Eng Rep Profoma.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Task Order No. 7.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Map-Monterey Ave Project.pdf
  Fully Signed Agreement.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  MOU CVWD Ord 458 Cost Share.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  SWC 2020-21 Allocation_Basis_Summary_FINAL.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  SAC_2020-2021 Budget_Contributions.pdf
  Approved FY21 Six Agency Committee Budget_June 10, 2020.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Reso No. 2020-10 Calling for election - Riv County.docx
  Reso No. 2020-11 Candidates to pay for statements Riv Co.docx
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Accounts Payable and Cash Disbursement Policy - Redlined for BOD.pdf
  Accounts Payable and Cash Disbursement Policy - FINAL 06-23-2020.doc
  Capital Asset Policy - redlined or bluelined for BOD.pdf
  Capital Asset Policy - FINAL 06-23-2020.docx
  Procurement Policy - redlined for BOD.pdf
  Procurement Policy - FINAL 06-23-2020
  Purchasing Card Policy - redlined for BOD.pdf
  Purchasing Card Policy - FINAL 06-23-2020
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Resolution 2020-12 - UnionBank Authorized Representatives-Funds Transfer Transactions of CVWD Monies.docx
  Resolution 2020-13 - UnionBank Authorized Representatives-Check Signers.docx
  Resolution 2020-14 - U.S.Bank Authorized Representatives-Banking Transactions of CVWD Monies.docx
  Resolution 2020-15 - RivCoTPIF Authorized Representatives-Investment Transactions of CVWD Monies.docx
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  GANN Appropriation limit FY20-21 Calculation.pdf
  GANN Appropriation limit FY20-21 Price Factor.pdf
  GANN Appropriation limit FY20-21 Population Change.pdf
  GANN Appropriation Limit FY 20-21 Resolution.docx
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  APWA Renewal Invoice.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Strategic Assessment and Gap Analysis UB and ERP - presentation
  Strategic Assessment and Gap Analysis UB and ERP - FINAL report
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  WIFIA Loan Schedule I.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Map - IXTP BAI.pdf
  IXTPs Proposal Review Evaluation Summary-Final.pdf
  Task Order 5-Michael Baker.docx
  CVWD Proposal 4-28-2020 FINAL.pdf
  Budget Amendment Form FY 2020-21 IXTP 7991.xlsx
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  BAI map - Tres Agaves.pdf
  BAI map 3 Boulders.pdf
  Purchase Sale Agreement - Tres Agaves.pdf
  Appraisal Summary - Tres Agaves.pdf
  Administrative Settlement - Tres Agaves.pdf
  Purchase Sale Agreement - 3 Boulders.pdf
  Appraisal Summary - 3 Boulders.pdf
  Rental Agreement - 3 Boulders.pdf
  MBI Task Order No. 3.pdf
  Budget Amendment.xlsx
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Proposed Classifications 6.11.20.docx
  Ordinance Position Classification Changes 6.11.20.docx
  Draft Ordinance 1425.13.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Oasis Project Map_02-10-20.pdf
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