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  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  BAI Map - Oasis In-Lieu Recharge Project Phase II.pdf
  Sukut Quote
  Sukut - Contract Change Order No. 3.pdf
  FEIR & Bd Res & BAI Oasis Irrig Sys Expansn Proj.3-12-15.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  08-10-21 draft minutes.docx
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  July GM Report of Activities.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  GM Report of Authorizations July 2021.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  July 2021 Secretarys Report.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  CVAG Invoice.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Invoice 0000039.pdf
  CVWD Membership Agreement FY 21-22.docx
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  BAI Map Britanny West Vista Court.pdf
  Special Agreement Vista Del Sol & Vista Court-Brittany West LLC- executed by developer.pdf
  685-240-028 NOE.pdf
  685-240-029 NOE.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  CVWD_CVMC Prop 1 Application- 2021-08-10.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  BAI MAP Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation.pdf
  Special Domestic Water System Installation Agreement-Hazelden Betty Ford- executed by developer.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  BAI map.pdf
  Setback Waiver CVWD FINAL Gabrych and AES Executed.pdf
  MVPP_NOD_E-202100779 FILING.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  BAI MAPSun City Shadow Hills Community Association.pdf
  Shadow Hills first amendment NPW Agreement 081621.pdf
  Resolution No. 2019-39 - Resolution Establishing Rates for Nonpotable Water Use.pdf
  Nonpotable Water Agreement - Shadow HiIlls Community ASSN - Pulte.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Task Order No. 8 - Cost Proposal.pdf
  Task Order No. 8 - Task Order BVsign.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  BAI MAP Fiesta Kia.pdf
  Special Domestic Water System Installation Agreement-Fiesta Kia Dealership-executed copy.pdf
  Indio MND Resolution Fiesta Kia.pdf
  Budget Amendment for Fiesta Kia.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  BAI Attachment-Health Insuarance Premium Renewals CY 2022.docx
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  USGS - Joint Funding Agreement No. 21ZFJFA01000 - Reichard.pdf
  USGS - Joint Funding Agreement No. 21ZFJFA01000 - Reichard_Attachment.pdf
  USGS - Joint Funding Agreement No. 21ZFJFA00084500 - Leenhouts.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  USGS Coachella Valley Subsidence Report_2010-17.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  cvwd_psa_primegov_agenda_and_meeting_management_system_PRIMEGOV ONLY signed-certified.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Resolution No. 2021-36 - Resolution Supporting ODowd for ACWA VP 2021.docx
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Board PPT_COSS_Offset Fee - Sept 14, 2021-Elmer.pptx
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Exhibit A.pdf
  Purchase and Replacement Vehicle Data.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Sites Letter Agreement for Planning Charges in SOC - DRAFT 9.2.2021.pdf
  PowerPoint - 210914SitesDWRSOC.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  Mid-Canal agreement SDCWA-CVWD-SLRRIWA (081321 final).docx
  Map - Mid-Canal Storage Project_x.pdf
  Task Order 5_Signed Dahl.pdf
  Mid-Canal Reservoir Proposal_08-19-21.pdf
  Funding Agreement - CVWD Mid-Canal Stg Prj Seep Analysis and Report - Final Draft.docx
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  BAI MAP Eastside Dike Improvement Project (Dune Palms Rd to I-10).pdf
  Register of Bids Spec 2018-63 ESD Phase 1.pdf
  NHC Proposal for East Side Dike, Phase 1.pdf
  Task Order 20-19 East Side Dike Ph 1.docx
  NV5 Proposal for East Side Dike, Phase 1.pdf
  Task Order 3 - East Side Dike Imp, Phase 1.docx
  County stamped NOD East Side Dike.pdf
  Final IS-MND East Side Dike Project 2017-07-12.pdf
  Contract from Spec 2018-63 East Side Dike Phase 1.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  BAI Map - North Indio Flood Control Project.pdf
  Register of Bids - Spec 2020-56.pdf
  Construction Contract.pdf
  WEBB- N Indio Phase 2 Construction Support Proposal_2021-08-26.pdf
  Webb Task Order 11.pdf
  NV5 Proposal for North Indio Flood Control Project-Phase 2.pdf
  CVWD - NV5 - TO4 - Signed by NV5.pdf
  MBI Proposals and cost estimate-TO12.pdf
  MBI Signed_Task Order No. 12 Michael Baker NIFC-Adams St-8-30-21 (002).pdf
  Sun City HOA Construction and Maintenance Easement.pdf
  Frontier final billing estimate letter to sign and pay 07-06-21.pdf
  SoCalGas final invoices main and middle channel 4 sites 06-02-21.pdf
  IID Invocie-part 1-rev.pdf
  IID Invoices Part 2.pdf
  County stamped NOD.pdf
  Final IS.MND N Indio Regional Flood Control Channel no MMRP.pdf
  MMRP for the Final IS.MND N Indio Regional Flood Control Channel.em(05.18.16).pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  ROW Acqusition Map.pdf
  Chandi Signed Agreement 8-31-21.pdf
  Administrative Authorization_Chandi- TR.pdf
  Possession memorandum signed by Chuo.pdf
  Possession agreement signed by Chuo.pdf
  727-100-006_Areallano PSA Draft.docx
  Ave 66 - CVWD Amendment #3 Scope and Fee 081921.pdf
  Task Order 6 Dokken Avenue 66 8-14-21.docx
  St Anthony NOD SCH filed 03.19.2021.pdf
  Final_IS-MND_St Anthony_06Sept19.pdf
  727-100-032, -033_Chandi Appraisal Report.pdf
  727-100-007, -025_Chuo Appraisal Report.pdf
  727-100-006_Arellano Appraisal Report.pdf
  BAI - Board Action Item.docx
  CVWD - BBK Federal Report August.pdf
  CVWD Federal Leg - Priority List.pdf
  CVWD State Leg - Priority List - 09 07 2021.pdf